Since 2010 Kianti has been improving the most versatile, durable, self-massage device offered on the market. With upgraded engineering, the Super Body Massagers surpass all other self-massaging tools in superior strength and rigidity for extremely accurate accupressure and the deepest massage. Our Super Body Massagers are specially designed so that you can relieve back, neck and body pain ON THE GO! The newest, improved massager now serves three purposes: massage for your body and back, muscle maintenance of stretching or tightening and toning, and the unique benefit of a cardio workout weight which guides you through body movements. With this self-driven massage aid you'll easily relieve pain, remove muscle knots, and disburse toxin buildup from trouble spots.

Our Super Body Massagers can be used while you're in any position ... standing, sitting or laying down. In fact, using a different position is part of some of the exercises. Kianti's instructional videos will show you how to use your Super Body Massager to relieve back and muscle pain, get you in shape, and feel better! Plus, you can save an average of $1,000 dollars per year in no-longer-needed professional massage therapy, usually $45-$60 per hour. The Super Body Massager pays for itself the very first time you use it! Our massagers put the power of health maintenance literally in your own hands.

Super Body Massagers are much more comfortable in your hands than the cold metal and hard plastic used by other manfacturers. The rubberized grip along the entire body of the tool provides a textured handle that contacts your body and hand comfortably and won't tire your hand muscles during long periods of use.

The improved version of the Accu-S massager is available in three sizes so that everyone can get a massager built specifically for their body type. The Custom Accu-S massager is also available in a variety of colorful handle wrappings making it attractive hanging in your T.V. room or carrying as a fashion accessory. You can also select from a variety of applicator ends to accommodate different and specific levels of muscle pain.

The Accu-J massager is shaped like a question mark and has a single, large hook. It is made to be strong but lightweight and super-portable. It is basically the Accu-S Massager without the smaller hook. Many of our customers prefer that version for their car or airplane travel, but they also own the Standard Accu-S version for home use. The Accu-J massager trades the additional leverage and different massage tip of the Accu-S for the convenience of compactness, portability, and reduced cost. Both versions of the massager come with cushioned, black wrappings for a comfortable grip.


All models of Super Body Massagers can be used at any time without the need for a professional or an associate. With our personal trigger-point relief device you get a massage for as long as you wish because you massage yourself. Your personal massager solves the problem of not getting enough attention directed to your specific sore areas. You get the exact amount of pressure and attention to each sore body part because you are in control.

Super Body Massagers are designed to help you to have a super body! That is, be pain free from sore muscles with the right amount of flexibility and muscle tone. Watch our training videos to learn how to move with the flowing form of the "S". Each of our massagers can save you hundreds of dollars in athletic club memberships. They are a great value since you will have a lifetime of no-cost body massage and a "gym-in-a-bag" always at the ready. Plus, our isometric workout massagers are built to last for a life time of use! Each massager model allow you to stretch your body, warm up before exercising, and do body toning in addition to receiving the newest and most fun cardio workouts. Take better care of yourself! Total fitness can be yours with the power of the Super Body Massager!

If you have a physical handicap or special physical need regarding our Custom Super Body Massagers, we can customize your massager to accommodate your need. No other vendor of personal massage devices offers such customizing services!

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