Karen Croney, owner of Pure Beauty: "I love my red leather-wrapped S-bar! I use it watching TV or as part of my Yoga routine or anytime I feel tight! It truly gets the angles and all the area I could never reach without it. It's great to have this and not need another person or, even more, have to pay a massage person. Sometimes that's OK, but to really not need to is amazing! There's just not enough time to make appointments on most days. I love the feeling of being independent about opening up my tight parts. I really appreciate Kianti for making these fantastic devices for honoring my body with this self-care tool. My favorite massage is with the S-bar! I feel so very blessed to have it in my home, and it looks great esthetically hanging by my bedroom door! I just can't say enough about it! You really do need to experience it for yourself! I can't imagine living without it."


Jennifer, owner of Earthly Juices: "I like to play with the S-bar because I have sciatic nerve pain.  And I use it to stretch the back of my legs, my hamstrings and the soles of my feet bent backwards with my knees straight. That seems to be the only thing that stops the burning of my sciatic nerve. I also like it because you can massage your trapezius with it. There are several trigger points in the trapezius, and you can release them so the shoulder blades will relax and slide down the back. It's been really great and helping me to rehab some of my shoulder issues. I have a rotator cuff issue and sometimes chronic migraines and carpal tunnel. I use the S massager for 10 minutes a day, but you only have to use it for a few minutes before the pain starts to go away because the body knows how to or open up the muscle to realign the body."


Connie C. from Los Angeles: "Being a bartender for over 15 years, I have felt chronic pain, soreness, stiffness and all-around discomfort in my shoulders from the obvious motion of making cocktails for hours on end. I felt I have tried everything and was doomed until being exposed to the Super Body Massager. Not only was I immediately able to find the exact spots that were bothering me, I was also able to control the pressure on relieving the knots. The best part is being able to do it myself and in little time. I am truly grateful for the unique structure to allow an all-over personal massage. I have not found another personal massager device that gives me the control that the rubber ball tips give - just the right amount of firmness and releasing pressure."

Al from Belmont Transmission: "I tried your massager at my friend's party. I have two of the different plastic massagers. I keep one at home, one in my car, and this one I'll keep here at the shop. Those (plastic ones) make me nervous that if I crank too hard, which I need, they might break. I like yours because it's stronger. It definitely feels better in my hand and looks way better, too.

Paul Sparks (pictured left) says, "These things are freaking awesome! The best in the world!"

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